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Information for Presenters

The Work-in-Progress discussion group is not scheduled for Fall Semester, 2017. 
A new course series is under development in the recently established Infectious Diseases Institute. A link to the new Institute and its offerings will be added here once it is available.

The CMIB Work in Progress (WIP) meeting is an informal interactive meeting held on Monday evenings at 4:00pm in 170 Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute. The meetings are for researchers to present and receive feedback from a scientific group that specializes in host-pathogen interactions.

The WIP allows researchers to bring new ideas to the group, present preliminary date in a collegial setting, trouble shoot unusual results, initiate new collaborations, and receive feedback on research findings.

Presenters should prepare no more than 20-30 slides and expect informal discussion from the group throughout the presentation. The WIP is not a venue for formal 60 minute presentations.

Each presenter is provided with written feedback from the WIP group at the end of the meeting in the form of an evaluation sheet. Individuals are assessed on their presentation style, data interpretation, and effective handling of questions.