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Matthew Sullivan, PhD

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Phone: (614) 247-1616

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Current OSU Appointments

Associate Professor, Microbiology Admin

Associate Professor, Civil, Envir & Geod Eng

Associate Professor, Evol, Ecology & Org Biology


Chapters in Books

Sullivan, M. B.. "The Phage Metagenomic Revolution." In Life in Our Phage World. -. San Diego, CA, US|USA: Wholon, December 2014.


Editorial Activities

2005 PLoS Biology
2006 Environmental Microbiology
2006 Applied and Environmental Microbiology
2008 Molecular Biology and Evolution
2009 Science
2009 ISME Journal
2009 Aquatic Microbial Ecology
2009 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
2011 Nature
2011 Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews
2012 mBio
2014 Environmental Microbiology
2015 ISME Journal


1998 - 1999 Fulbright Scholarship. Fulbright commission.
2013 - present Kavli Fronteirs in Science Fellow. Kavli Foundation.
2013 - 2018 Marine Microbiology Initiative Investigator Award. Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.
2014 - present Undergraduate mentor award. Beckman Foundation.
2015 - present Post-doctoral mentor award. Beckman Foundation.

Journal Articles

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