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Chapters in Books

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1974 B.S., Heidelberg College


Editorial Activities

1987 - 1999 Virology
2005 - present Journal of Virology


1975 - 1976 DeVlieg Fellowship.
1978 - 1981 NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship.
1988 - 1993 NIH Research Career Development Award.
1991 - present Certificate of Recognition. Rush Sigma Xi Club.
2004 - present Award for Service. Chicago Area Virology Association.
2007 - present TopCAT Finalist with Louay Hallak in "Outstanding Technology Team". TechColumbus.
2008 - present Inovation Awards Finalist with Louay Hallak in "Outstanding Technology Team". TechColumbus.
2008 - present Innovation Awards Finalist "Inventor of the Year". TechColumbus.
2009 Innovation Awards Finalist “Inventor of the Year”. TechColumbus.
2010 - present Excellence in Teaching Award.
2012 - present Elected to the 'Hall of Distinction'. Shelby Senior High School.
2015 - present AAAS Fellow. Council Of AAAS.

Journal Articles

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