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Who can use the BSL3 Core Facilities?

The BSL3 core facilities are available to the OSU research community, OSU collaborating researchers, and non-OSU researchers. Research groups interested in using OSU BSL3 facilities should contact the BSL3 Operations Manager or Director for additional information. BSL3 contact information can be found on our Contact Us page. A document describing the procedures for initiating research in the BSL3 core facilities is also available.

Is there a fee to use the BSL3 Core Facilities?

OSU BSL3 core facility operations are supported by an hourly user fee that is subsidized by several Colleges and the Office of Research. The user fee covers administrative support, equipment purchase and maintenance, and general supplies such as PPE. In addition, the fee also covers the cost of shared equipment necessary for work in containment including biosafety cabinets, incubators, centrifuge, fridge/freezer, and autoclave. Specialized equipment such as flow cytometer, cryostat, inhalation exposure system, animal caging and warm room are located within designated facilities.

What other services are offered by the BSL3 Program?

The BSL3 Program also provides assistance to principal investigators with the preparation of protocols for IBC, IACUC, and biosafety committee review in addition to in-facility BSL3 training and supervision for users.