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Governance structure

BSL3 Program governance structure


The BSL3 Program

The BSL3 Program is operated through the Center for Microbial Interface Biology (CMIB) and is led by Dr. Murugesan Rajaram (Interim Director). The BSL3 Program Director has the authority to perform risk assessments of projects, establish policy and procedures, train or assign trainers to personnel, and provide consultation for BSL3 daily operations. The BSL3 Operations Manager serves as a liaison between the management team, oversight committees, BSL3 users, and maintenance personal. Duties for the BSL3 Operations Manager include oversight of facilities mechanical function, provision of supplies, record keeping for facilities and users, facilitate internal and external communications, and conduct initial training for users.

Institutional Oversight

Institutional oversight of the BSL3 program is provided by the Responsible Officer (RO) and Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO) through the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS), the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), Institutional Biosafety Coordinating Committee (IBCC), and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). The RO and ARO have the final authority to act on behalf of The Ohio State University to ensure that all BSL3 personnel comply with federal mandates, as well as institutional policies and procedures pertaining to the possession, transfer, and use of biological agents and toxins. In conjunction with OEHS, the IBC and IBCC provides guidance regarding acquisition, handling, transfer, and disposal of potentially hazardous or regulated biological materials.

BSL3 Fiscal Committee

The fiscal committee meets annually to discuss the financial aspects of the BSL3 program including BSL3 expenditures, budgets, and cost recovery. The BSL3 fiscal committee is chaired by the CMIB Administrator, and includes the Dean (or designee) for the Office of Research, College of Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, Colleges of Biological and Mathematical and Physical Sciences, and the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

BSL3 Advisory Committee

The BSL3 Advisory Committee reviews the BSL3 programmatic operations through review of the BSL3 annual report. The report provides a summary of operational and/or policy changes and fiscal activities, a review of incident reports, a summary of facilities operations and usage, information on BSL3 related grants and publications, and the projected direction of the program. At each meeting, agenda items may be included that require members to vote on policy change. The BSL3 Advisory Committee meets semi-annually and includes members from Colleges, Departments, and Units across campus that are involved in BSL3 operations. Meeting participants also include the BSL3 Director, BSL3 Operations Manager, and representation from EHS, University Laboratory Animal Resources, and Facilities Services, Employee Health and Clinical Epidemiology, in addition to scientific representation for Children's Research Institute, College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Biological Sciences, Math and Physical Sciences, College of Medicine, College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the Office of Health Sciences.

BSL3 Operations Group

The BSL3 Operations group includes the BSL3 Director, BSL3 Operations Manager, and representatives from OEHS (RO and/or ARO), and OSU Facilities Services. The Operations Group is responsible for decisions regarding day-to-day operations of the BSL3 program including user access, program development, facilities maintenance, certification oversight, and SOP generation and revisions. The BSL3 Operations Group meets monthly.


BSL3 Users Group

All authorized BSL3 users attend the BSL3 Users Group, a meeting where users can discuss BSL3 issues with other users and the BSL3 management team. In addition, the meeting also serves to provide BSL3 facilities updates and review policy changes. Other attendees may include OEHS representative and maintenance personnel. The Users Group meets monthly.

BSL3 Operations Manager Meeting

The BSL3 Operations Manager meets bi-weekly with the BSL3 Director to discuss day-to-day BSL3 activities. The close proximity of the BSL3 Operations Manager and Director within the CMIB facilitates daily interactions when necessary.