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The CMIB has developed educational initiatives through the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (BSGP) and plays a leadership role in the Microbial Pathogenesis (Drs. John Gunn & Jacob Yount, liaisons) and Immunology (Dr. Stephanie Seveau, liaison) emphasis areas in the BSGP. Because the CMIB is so broad, many graduate programs are represented by our faculty in addition to BSGP such as Microbiology, Veterinary Biosciences, Food Science and Technology, and the Ohio State Biochemistry Program.  Students and faculty should feel free to contact Drs. Gunn, Yount, or Seveau to suggest new classes or changes to the curriculum/emphasis areas.

Host-Pathogen Available Courses

* Indicates Core Course

Seminar courses and journal clubs include:

BSGP 7950: Microbial-Host Interactions Research Seminar (1 credit)

BSGP 7931: Research in progress presentatino seminar (1 credit)

*MVIMG 8142: Current Topics in Microbial Pathogenesis Journal Club (1 credit)

MVIMG 8142: Current Topics in Immunology Journal Club (1 credit)

BSGP 8510: Advanced Seminars in Integrated Biomedical Sciences (when applicable to microbial pathogenesis/immunology)

BSGP 7890:  Immunological Research of Pedicatric Diseases (1 credit)

PATH 8850:  Seminars in Pathology (1 credit)

BSGP 7910:  Current Research in Human Viral Diseases (1 credit)

Classes include:

*MICRO 7724:  Molecular Pathogenesis (3 credits)

*BSGP 7400:  Selected Topics in Microbial Pathogenesis (2 credits)

*MVIMG/MICRO 7010:  Molecular and Cellular Immunology (3 credits)

MVIMG 7741:  Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis of Viruses (5 credits)

MVIMG 5000:  Evolution of Emerging Viruses (2 credits)

MVIMG 8845:  History of Immunology (3 credits)

MVIMG 7500:  Neuroimmunology (2 credits)

MVIMG 8010:  Selected Topics in Advanced Immunology (3 credits)