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About the Center for Microbial Interface Biology

Director's Welcome

Thank you for visiting the Center for Microbial Interface Biology (CMIB) website. This Board of Trustees-approved, campus-wide Center continues to grow in size, stature and impact as a result of the significant contributions of its members. It is housed in the Office of Health Sciences and its hub is on the 7th floor of the Biomedical Research Tower (BRT). The Center continues to address the growing crisis in the US and worldwide related to death and suffering from a variety of infections and their complications.

The CMIB is focused on broad-based interdisciplinary scientific platforms in an effort to enhance discoveries related to infectious diseases by creating synergy among investigators in the clinical and basic sciences from across the campus. The Center partners with several OSU colleges, centers and institutes, Signature Programs, the Provost’s Targeted Investment in Excellence Program called Public Health Preparedness for Infectious Diseases (PHPID), the Center for Clinical and Translational Science (NIH CTSA award), and regional and national partners in academia and the private sector.

OSU’s Biosafety Level 3 (BSL3) program is under the auspices of the CMIB.  In addition to the established BSL3 facility on the West campus (2,500 sq ft), BSL3 research facilities totalling nearly 7,000 square feet opened in the BRT during 2008. 

There have been several new initiatives recently launched in the Center including a faculty mentoring program, a comprehensive intramural grant review program and new innovation programs in biofilms and experimental therapeutics, the latter in partnership with the College of Pharmacy.

Investigators in the CMIB are leading the way to new diagnostic strategies, therapies and vaccines against a number of microbial killers. I am very proud of the Center’s achievements and believe that we are translating cutting edge discoveries into ways to improve the human condition.