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Stefan Niewiesk, DVM, PhD

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1900 Coffey Rd
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: (614) 688-3605

Email: niewiesk.1@osu.edu


Current OSU Appointment

Interim Chairperson, Veterinary Biosciences


Advising Narrative

2010 Mayers Summer Research Scholarship, OSU
(Amy Levinsky, Undergraduate Student)

2011 Poster presentation at the Denman Research Forum at OSU

Noteworthy Graduate Narrative

Mary Carsillo: 3 publications (first author), 1 publication (co-author)
Cecilia Parrula: 2 publications, 1 manuscript submitted (first author)
Dhohyung Kim: 2 publications, 1 manuscript submitted, 1 manuscript in preparation (first author), 1 publication (co-author)

ACVP travel award to the Annual Meeting of the American College of Veterinary Pathology
November 2007, Savannah
(Mary Carsillo, PhD student)

NIH Loan Repayment award
(Mary Carsillo, PhD student)

Poster award (1st place)
College of Veterinary Medicine Research Day
(Mary Carsillo, PhD student)

International Scholar Award from OSU
(Cecilia Parrula, PhD student)

Identification of measles virus receptors in the cotton rat model
T32 NRSA Institutional Training Grant, “Interdisciplinary Study of the Microbe-Host Interface”
(Thomas Carsillo, Postdoctoral Fellow)

Special Emphasis Research Career Award (K01) from the National Institute of Health (declined in favor of industry position)
(Mary Carsillo, PhD student)

Poster award (1st place)
Measles virotherapy in combination with HSP72 expression in a mouse model of ATL.
The 11th Annual Comprehensive Cancer Center Scientific Meeting, Columbus
(Cecilia Parrula, PhD student)

Poster award (1st place) in the category “Immunology and Infectious Diseases”.
Advances in Veterinary Medicine Research Day
(Dhohyung Kim, PhD student)

Poster award (1st place) in the category “Immunology and Infectious Diseases”.
Advances in Veterinary Medicine Research Day
(Dhohyung Kim, PhD student)

Poster award (1st place), Travel Grant
Retreat of the Center of Microbial Interface Biology, OSU
(Dhohyung Kim, PhD student)

Distinguished Graduate Publication Award (2nd place)
VBS Graduate Student Seminar and Publication Award, Department of Veterinary Biosciences, OSU
(Dhohyung Kim, PhD student)

Stipend from the C. Glenn Barber Fund, College of Veterinary Medicine
(Dhohyung Kim, PhD student)


1995 - present Board certified in Veterinary Microbiology: LTK Bayern Germany
1999 - present Board certified in Laboratory Animal Medicine: LTK Bayern Germany
2002 - present Board certified in Laboratory Animal Medicine: European College of Laboratory Animal Medicine

Chapters in Books

Current animal models: Cotton rat

Paramyxoviridae, Filoviridae and Bornaviruses



1988 D.V.M., Tieraerztliche Hochschule Hannover

1991 Ph.D., Tieraerztliche Hochschule Hannover

2000 None Indicated, University of Wuerzburg


Editorial Activities

2003 - present Journal of General Virology, Journal of Virology, Acta Neuropathologica, Vaccine, Nature Medicine, Laboratory Animals, Journal of Clinical Microbiology, International Journal of Medical Microbiology, Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology, Journal of Cytokine and Interferon Research, The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, Virus Genes, European Journal of Immunology, Plos One, Journal of Virology, Human Immunology, Aids Research and Retroviruses, Virology, Journal of Vet. Medicine


1983 - 1988 Undergraduate Award. Dr. Bert Boehmer.
1989 - 1991 Graduate Award. Prof. Dr. V. ter Meulen.
1992 - 1994 Postdoctoral Fellowship Award for Infectious Diseases. Prof. Dr. V. ter Meulen.
2012 - present Pfizer Animal Health Award for Research Excellence. Pfizer Animal Health.
2014 - 2015 CIC Academic Leadership Program Fellow. Provost.

Journal Articles


Inventions and Patents

Pharmaceutical Adjuvants and Related Materials and Methods



Measles virus induced immune suppression in the cotton rat model (Sigmodon hispidus)

Mechanism of inhibition of vaccination by maternal antibodies

Mechanism of inhibition by maternal antibodies

Mechanism of inhibition of vaccination by maternal antibodies

Mechanism of inhibition of vaccination by maternal antibodies

The use of animal models for development of vaccines against biosecurity agents

Of mice and men: evolutionary, what are the best rodent models of the human immune system for infectious diseases research?

Immunization in the presence of maternal antibodies

Next generation adjuvants for single dose vaccines

Immunisierung in der Gegenwart maternaler Antikörper

Evolutionary aspects of animal model use for infectious diseases research

Inhibition of vaccine responses by neutralizing antibodies

Cytokine imbalance after measles virus infection has no correlation with immune suppression.

Insights into the regulatory mechanism controlling the inhibition of vaccine-induced seroconversion by maternal antibodies.


Professional Activities

2010 Grant Review. Italian Ministry of Health.
2011 Grant Review. American Heart Association, Immunology Committee.
2007 Ad hoc review. NIH, SEP "Immune Mechanisms of Viral Control"..
2008 Ad hoc reviewer. NIH, U19 "Cooperative Centers for Translational Research on Human Immunology and Biodefense".
2008 Ad hoc reviewer Virology A study section. NIH, Virology A.
2009 Grant Review. The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw).
2009 Ad hoc reviewer. NIH, SEP ZRG1 IDM-Q (02) M – Member Conflicts in Virology.
2009 Ad hoc review. NIH, ZRG1 IDM-C (58) R - RFA09-003 Challenge Grants Panel 9.
2011 Ad hoc review. OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center Pelotonia.
2011 Ad hoc review. OSU CTTS.
2011 Ad hoc review. NIH, IDM-B (50) Study Section.
2010 - 2012 Grant Review. United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation.
2012 Ad hoc reviewer. NIH Study Section IDM-B (50).
2012 Ad hoc review. OSU PHPID.