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Kristine Yoder, PhD

460 W 12th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: (614) 688-2106

Email: yoder.176@osu.edu


Current OSU Appointment

Assistant Professor, SBS-Molec Vir, Imm & Med Gen


Noteworthy Graduate Narrative

Sandhu R, Rivenbark AG, Mackler RM , Livasy CA, Coleman WB. Dysregulation of microRNA expression drives aberrant DNA hypermethylation in basal-like breast cancer. Int. J. Oncol. 2014; 44.2: 563.

Research Funding

Additional grants that are in preparation, but not yet submitted, focus on "CRISPR editing of HTLV-1 to prevent transformation". Collaboration with Patrick Green, CVM. This proposal will be submitted to NIH as a new R21 (February, 2016) and also in response to the OSU Transdisciplinary Team Grants Request for Proposals from the Public Health Preparedness in Infectious Disease and Discovery Themes in Infectious Disease (March, 2016).

Academic Advising

2013 - present Randi Mackler, Ohio State University College of Medicine.
2014 - present Mitchell Peake, The Ohio State University.
2006 Pia Hoellerbauer, Ohio State University College of Medicine. Graduated 2010.
2005 - 2007 William Roddick, Ohio State University College of Medicine. Graduated 2007.
2009 - 2011 Maureen McNulty, Ohio State University College of Medicine. Graduated 2010.
2009 - 2012 Geoffrey Bennett, Ohio State University College of Medicine. Graduated 2012. The Role of Base Excision Repair Proteins During HIV Infection
2010 - 2012 Ryan Peters, Ohio State University College of Medicine. Graduated 2011.
2012 Samantha Ohmer, Ohio State University College of Medicine.
2013 Cassandra Skinner, Ohio State University College of Medicine. Graduated 2012.
2012 - 2015 Molly Osterhage, Ohio State University College of Medicine. Graduated 2015.
2015 Allison Lowery, The Ohio State University.
2015 Surabhi Tewari, The Ohio State University.

Chapters in Books

Yoder, KE, Sethabutr, O, and Relman, DA. "PCR-based detection of the intestinal pathogen Cyclospora." In PCR Protocols for Emerging Infectious Diseases. Edited by Persing, DH. -. Washington, DC, US|USA: ASM Press, January 1996.



1993 B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2000 Ph.D., University of California San Diego


Editorial Activities

2007 Pharmaceutical Research
2010 - present Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology
2010 Journal of Virological Methods
2012 - present ISRN AIDS
2012 - present Journal of Virology & Antiviral Research
2012 Nucleic Acids Research
2013 PLoS ONE

Journal Articles

Relman,D,A; Schmidt,T,M; Gajadhar,A; Sogin,M; Cross,J; Yoder,K; SETHABUTR,O; Echeverria,P. "Molecular phylogenetic analysis of Cyclospora, the human intestinal pathogen, suggests that it is closely related to Eimeria species." JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES. Vol. 173, no. 2. (February 1996.): 440-445.

Fortunato,E,A; Sommer,M,H; Yoder,K; Spector,D,H. "Identification of domains within the human cytomegalovirus major immediate-early 86-kilodalton protein and the retinoblastoma protein required for physical and functional interaction with each other." JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY. Vol. 71, no. 11. (November 1997.): 8176-8185.

Relman, D.A., D.N. Fredericks, K.E. Yoder, G. Mirowski, T. Berger, and J.E. Koehler.. "Absence of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus DNA in bacillary angiomatosis-peliosis lesions.." Journal of Infectious Diseases. Vol. 180, (January 1999.): 1386-1389.

Li,L; Yoder,K; Hansen,M,ST; Olvera,J; Miller,M,D; Bushman,F,D. "Retroviral cDNA integration: Stimulation by HMG I family proteins." JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY. Vol. 74, no. 23. (December 2000.): 10965-10974.

Yoder,K,E; Bushman,F,D. "Repair of gaps in retroviral DNA integration intermediates." JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY. Vol. 74, no. 23. (December 2000.): 11191-11200.

Li,L; Olvera,J,M; Yoder,K,E; Mitchell,R,S; Butler,S,L; Lieber,M; Martin,S,L; Bushman,F,D. "Role of the non-homologous DNA end joining pathway in the early steps of retroviral infection." EMBO JOURNAL. Vol. 20, no. 12. (June 2001.): 3272-3281.

Olivier,C; van de Pas,S; Lepp,P,W; Yoder,K; Relman,D,A. "Sequence variability in the first internal transcribed spacer region within and among Cyclospora species is consistent with polyparasitism." INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR PARASITOLOGY. Vol. 31, no. 13. (November 2001.): 1475-1487.

Olson, PD; Yoder, K; Fajardo, LF; Marty, AM; van de Pas, S; Olivier, C; Relman, DA. "Lethal invasive cestodiasis in immunosuppressed patients." JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES. Vol. 187, no. 12. (June 2003.): 1962-1966.

Martin,E,S; Cesari,R; Pentimalli,F; Yoder,K; Fishel,R; Himelstein,A,L; Martin,S,E; Godwin,A,K; Negrini,M; Croce,C,M. "The BCSC-1 locus at chromosome 11q23-q24 is a candidate tumor suppressor gene." PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Vol. 100, no. 20. (September 2003.): 11517-11522.

Picchio,M,C; Martin,E,S; Cesari,R; Calin,G,A; Yendamuri,S; Kuroki,T; Pentimalli,F; Sarti,M; Yoder,K; Kaiser,L,R; Fishel,R; Croce,C,M. "Alterations of the tumor suppressor gene Parkin in non-small cell lung cancer." CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH. Vol. 10, no. 8. (April 2004.): 2720-2724.

Yoder,Kristine,E; Fishel,Richard. "PCR-based detection is unable to consistently distinguish HIV 1LTR circles." JOURNAL OF VIROLOGICAL METHODS. Vol. 138, no. 1-2. (December 2006.): 201-206.

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Ikura,Tsuyoshi; Tashiro,Satoshi; Kakino,Akemi; Shima,Hiroki; Jacob,Naduparambil; Amunugarna,Ravindra; Yoder,Kristine; Izumi,Shunsuke; Kuraoka,Isao; Tanaka,Kiyoji; Kimura,Hiroshi; Tkura,Masae; Nishikubo,Shuichi; Ito,Takashi; Muto,Akihiko; Miyagawa,Kiyoshi; Takeda,Shunichi; Fishel,Richard; Igarashi,Kazuhiko; Kamiya,Kenji. "DNA damage-dependent acetylation and ubiquitination of H2AX enhances chromatin dynamics." MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY. Vol. 27, no. 20. (October 2007.): 7028-7040.

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Espeseth,Amy,S; Fishel,Rick; Hazuda,Daria; Huang,Qian; Xu,Min; Yoder,Kristine; Zhou,Honglin. "siRNA Screening of a Targeted Library of DNA Repair Factors in HIV Infection Reveals a Role for Base Excision Repair in HIV Integration." PLOS ONE. Vol. 6, no. 3. (March 2011.): e17612-.

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Bennett, G, Peters, R, Wang, X, Hanne, J, Sobol, RW, Bundschuh, R, Fishel, R, and Yoder, KE. "Repair of oxidative DNA base damage in the host genome influences the HIV integration site sequence preference." PLoS ONE. Vol. 9, no. 7. (July 2014.): e103164-.

Senavirathne,Gayan; Liu,Jiaquan; Lopez,Miguel,A; Hanne,Jeungphill; Martin-Lopez,Juana; Lee,Jong-Bong; Yoder,Kristine,E; Fishel,Richard. "Widespread nuclease contamination in commonly used oxygen-scavenging systems.." Nature methods. Vol. 12, no. 10. (September 2015.): 901-902.

Jones, N, Lopez, MA, Hanne, J, Peake, MB, Lee, J-B, Fishel, R, and Yoder, KE. "Retroviral intasomes search a target DNA by 1D-diffusion." Nature Communications. -.


Reference Works

September 2015 Peake, M., and K.E. Yoder."Characterization of the interaction between prototype foamy virus integrase and its target DNA." Columbus.
February 2016 Yoder, KE and Bundschuh, R.."Host double strand break repair generates HIV-1 strains resistant to CRISPR/Cas9" Boston.
April 2016 Mackler, R, Mahto, S, Howard, C, Ottesen, J, Fishel, R. and Yoder, K."Determinants of Prototype Foamy Virus Integration Site Selection into Mononucleosomes" Columbus.


December 2014 Yoder, KE."u.osu.edu/yoder.176" u.osu.edu
February 2016 Yoder, KE."u.osu.edu/retrovirologyjournal club"


"The ins and outs of retroviral integration: single molecule biophysical studies." Presented at CMIB Symposium, . (October 2014)

"Controlling HIV-1 with genome editing technologies." Presented at Center for Retrovirus Research weekly meeting, . (March 2015)

"HIV strains resistant to CRISPR: Characterization of mutations." Presented at Center for Retrovirus Research weekly meeting, . (November 2015)


Professional Activities

present Special emphasis panel, ZRG1 IDM-B. NIH.
2014 - present Presenter. OSU Molecular Genetics Undergraduate Club. Columbus, OH.

Unpublished Works

Lopez, M, Mackler, R, and Yoder, K. Removal of nuclease contamination during recombinant Prototype Foamy Virus integrase purification.